Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy New Year

I have actually managed no to write anything in 2008, even though I have had plenty of things to write about.
- Celebrated Christmas 2007 together with the whole family
- Finished writhing my master thesis
- Past the final oral exam (January 30th 2008)
- Was unemployed, applied for only one job and got it
- Went to the Ph.D. defence of a friend
- Celebrated the 60 years birthday of the uncle of Nicklas
- and started at my first real job as a Wind&Site Engineer at Suzlon Wind Energy A/S
- been to Turkey (on a site visit in June - with the job)
- been in London with Nicklas
- 14th August I was to the part A defence of Nicklas' PhD (that is the exam for the first half of the PhD)
- went on a kite-surfing course
- been to a wedding on Bornholm
- been to Greece (on a site visit)
- participated in a WAsP Engineering course at Risø DTU and in Suzlons Wind&Site workshop in Århus
- celebrated Nicklas' 25 years birthday together with the family
... and I have celebrated Christmas and New Year again.
This should be all the most important things that has happened since last time I wrote on my block. Every thing listed deserve a more thoughtfully contribution to this blog, but since it has taken me this long to publish it I will leave as it is for now and just say that 2008 have been a very active year.