Saturday, 21 April 2007

Between Bornholm and Chile

During the Easter holidays my boyfriend, Nicklas, and I took the liberty to spend a hole week on the danish island Bornholm. Nicklas is born on Bornholm and his parents still live there.
This easter his mother was going to celebrate her 50's birthday. It turned out to be a big party with the hole family gathered, and quite some preparation ... we were going to stay 11 people living in their house for three days.
The party was great, great food – something else than normal "student food" and of course a lot of dancing.

After Easter and after two presentations in the last course I'm taking on the university "Climate through time", I got my plane tickets to Chile. I'm going for 3 weeks in June, to work on my thesis. The oceanographers in Chile know a lot more about "their" ocean than we
here in Denmark. It's going to be a hard week, because I've got a lot to do in these three weeks. But I'm really looking forward to go back to Chile especially to see my friends and my godson.