Thursday, 21 June 2007

Landing in Santiago

Sunday morning I arrived in Chile. The last hour of the flight to Santiago was really beautiful; the sun was rising over the clods and over the mountains – the cordillera. I was really surprised to see how snowy it was, but well it is winter in Chile. I was talking to the woman beside me (Chilean living in Sweden) about all the clods covering Santiago and the smog, we didn’t realize that we were landing before we were actually on the ground – it was a really soft landing. After the hot June we have had so far in Denmark it was freezing cold going out of the airport in Santiago.
I spend the first day in Santiago with my friend Titi and her family in law. Monday morning we went to Valparaíso with the professor from the project of my thesis.
I’m going to spend almost all the time here in Chile trying to figure out what I can see on my data, because it’s not usual to have seismic reflections from the water column. But fortunately I’m going to spend some time with my godson and friends here in Chile as well.